Everything In Life Is An Investment

How many times do we scroll through social media and think wow, my life sucks. Everyone else has a life that is beautiful and easy. They have no idea the struggle some of us have to face everyday. Must be nice to be that perfect.

Look at Chuck and Mary, they are so romantic. Their marriage is perfect and they are so in love.

Look at Lela. She is naturally fit. I bet it's her genes. Her mom is probably really fit too.

There's Claire posting again about her perfect little angels. Why are her kids so well behaved when mine act like they were raised by wolves?

You might not want to admit it but, I’m certain, if we are honest with ourselves, most can say we’ve been guilty of doing the above. We think how easy everyone else has it and how crappy our life is. Well, let’s get a couple things straight. 

  1. Most people only post the pretty stuff on social media. 
  2. Comparison is the mother of failure.

We must remember, everything in life is an investment.

Sure Chuck and Mary appear to have the best relationship ever, but how much do they work on their relationship? I’ve had people ask me how I got so lucky to have a perfect marriage. Brad and I’ll be married 21 years this August. We consistently invest in our relationship. We have done countless couples and marriage Bible studies. We did the Love Dare when it came out. We recently both read the 5 Love Languages. We are intentional about making date night a priority every Friday. We take time to walk on the beach together every Saturday morning and talk. We are constantly working on better communication. We are intentional about sharing as many experiences as we can. Plus, we go over goals together at least once a month. We work on this marriage thing constantly and still bug the crap out of each other and fight. No relationship is perfect. Just remember they all take an investment. You can’t just put it on autopilot. You have to be intentional and consistent to have anything great in life.

And do me a favor, please, please, please don’t post anything negative about your relationship on social media. This isn’t being fake. This is having respect for your commitment to your partner and choosing not to throw your dirty laundry out to everyone.  This is so hard to recover from and puts your friends in a position of choosing sides. I know that’s off topic but, while we are talking about relationships and social media it needed to be said. 

Now let’s talk about Lela. Sure you think she’s just naturally fit, but do you actually think that six-pack abs come naturally? Absolutely not. No telling how much time she spends working out and being intentional about what she eats. I have been on a journey recently to get fit. I can tell you that I have to meal plan every week. I researched what ingredients are bad for you. Once home from the grocery store I prep our families’ food for the week. I work out everyday. We are purchasing a little workout equipment every few weeks. I’m intentional about how many steps I get a day. When I’m fixing meal plates I’m measuring out each persons portions based on what they need. I even log all my measurements, workouts, and meals. Trying to get fit isn’t easy. Maintaining a fit lifestyle isn’t easy. It’s an investment. Just because Lela doesn’t post all the work doesn’t mean she’s not working on it too.

And of course there’s Claire and her kiddos. Her picture might make life look simple but who’s life with kids is simple and perfect. Having well behaved loving children takes constant work. I pray over my kids everyday. I’ve read parenting books and have even taken courses on parenting. I have moms that mentor me too. Each day I try to teach them and instill values in them. And yet there are still days where they drive me bananas and say things to total strangers in the grocery line that make my jaw drop to the floor. The point is good kids take work. You must invest in them daily.

So next time you’re comparing and having a poor pitiful me day remember, everything great in life takes an investment. Tell yourself, I don’t know others stories or journeys so I’m going to stop comparing myself to them. I need to focus on what I want in life and make sure I’m putting the work in to make it the best it can be. Not perfect, but the best it can be. And that’s all I can do. 

What have you been complaining or making excuses about that you need to be investing in?