5 Elements Of A Balanced Life

Throughout our lives we are told about the importance of having balance in our life. But, what is balance and how do we achieve it. 

Balance can be described in many different ways depending on who you talk to. Some even say focus on a work/life balance. 

Brad and I have developed 5 key areas that we believe if you focus on can give you a balanced life. A life that is harmonious. A life that gives you security. A life that can handle even the toughest situations. 

These 5 key areas are Faith, Relationships, Physical Health, Finances, and Self.




Faith can be called a few different things. We prefer to call it Faith but, some may refer to it as Spirituality, or Belief among many other things. This is the basic area of life that contains your morals, ethics, spiritual accountability, relationship with your Creator, prayer, and meditation. 


Relationships seems pretty self explanatory, but consider relationships beyond just your spouse or family. Relationships also includes those with friends, co-workers, neighbors, and others in your community or sphere of influence. 


Physical Health is not just your fitness level although that is an important part. Physical Health also includes your nutrition, stress level, overall health of your body, and healthy living.


Finances are an external factor but, can definitely make your life feel balanced or in ruins. As much as we may hate to admit it, finances must be considered to have a balanced life. Finances include your career, work, or source(s) of income. It also includes your budget, savings, investments and overall financial security. 


Like Faith, Self can be called many things. Some many call Self, Self-Awareness, Psychological, Mental, or even Mental Health. Self includes your knowledge of your own personal tendencies and possible pitfalls, your self-confidence, your personality, and your self-development.

What is balance?

Now that you know the 5 key areas let’s talk about the big picture. Each key area is important but, when we step back from the individual areas and look at the big picture, that’s where the peace of balance is. Think of each key area as a ball and think of yourself as a juggler. 

Each ball is important but you must focus on all of them, all the time, in order to keep the balance. If you start to focus on one ball you naturally draw that one ball closer to your body. Then what happens? You begin to loose balance. It becomes harder to keep juggling the rest of the balls and it’s just a mater of time before you begin to drop balls. The same is true for the 5 key areas. You must focus on all of them, all the time, to keep balance. Each time you begin to focus on one ball or area you weaken your hold on all the others. How many times have you known someone that had marriage problems. Everything became about their marriage. Did their Physical Health suffer? Did their Finances suffer? Was their Faith rocked? Did they loose their own identity? What about someone that had to face bankruptcy? Did it cause marriage problems? Physical Health issues? Did it crush their Self confidence? Did it weaken their Faith? Focusing on any one area can weaken the integrity of every other area of your life.  

I know some of you are thinking, well I am full of Faith, my Relationships are great, my Finances are secure, and my knowledge of Self is strong. And I just don’t think Physical Health is a “Key Area” of my life. Many of you think this way. Hey, I use to think this way. BUT… this my sting, You need to get real and stop telling yourself this lie. You may be able to juggle for a little while ignoring this ball or area but, it is constantly weakening the integrity of the other balls. Eventually you WILL begin to drop balls. Perhaps it my begin to effect your finances because you have to go to the doctor or start taking medications. Maybe it effects your relationship with your spouse because you don’t want to be intimate. Physical Health issues can really do a number on your self confidence. And once all these areas of your life are shaken it will begin to effect your Faith. I am absolutely speaking to you from experience here. I was good everywhere but, ignoring my Physical Health. I began to gain a few pounds. Then that few pounds turned into about 60 pounds. Then Every aspect of my life, little by little, began to be shaken. AND my health continued to worsen. What was a little overweight turned into bulging discs and debilitating back pain. That turned into me taking so many over the counter meds daily that I regularly stayed in a brain fog and no matter how hard I tried, I could not keep my words straight when I spoke. I became miserable and every area of my life was affected. I stayed in a hole of despair for 9 long months. I masked it well on the outside, but I was depressed and in terrible pain. Then, finally I had an epiphany. I realized that I am the main character of my story and that I could decide the outcome. I began to tell myself I was going to heal and become strong.  I started picking up the pieces and began to juggle life again. I quit taking meds cold turkey and each time the pain would spike I would tell myself, “I control my story and I am healing”. Guys I kid you not, within a month I was strong enough to begin working out again. Today, which is only 3 months later, I feel great and am working out and getting stronger everyday. Perhaps you’re not ignoring your Physical Health. Maybe for you it’s finances or relationships. See, we can tell ourselves a lie for a little while but eventually, it will bite us in the ass. And having to pick up all the pieces once you drop them is hard. I am having to work on strengthening every area of my life again. 

So what’s the benefit of balance? 

How many of you know of Murphy’s Law?  It’s a popular adage that states “Everything that can go wrong, Will go wrong”. Life happens guys. No ones life is perfect. No matter how hard you try to prevent it, eventually the crap will hit the fan. So let’s think about the juggler again for a moment. She is juggling every area of her life. She is developing each area so they are strong and even. If you take one ball from her hand she may wobble a little but, she can likely keep the balls up until she can add the missing one back in. The same goes for life. If you are consistently developing all the key areas of your life equally and striving for balance you can handle much more. You can take hard life blows and although it may be hard, you can keep juggling life. We all know life happens. Spouses can unexpectedly die,  your physical health can be taken in the blink of an eye, perhaps a lawsuit from a car wreck that was not your fault forces you into bankruptcy. If you are living a balanced life it will be hard but, you will be able to keep juggling life. BUT, if your life was already out of balance any one of these tragic events could lead you to a hole of despair and cause you to drop every aspect of life as you knew it.


No one can prevent life from happening. With On Fire Life we do our best to strengthen you as a person so that even though life may happen, you can handle the hard knocks.