Make Time To Chase Your Dreams

Every where you go you hear people say chase your dreams, crush your goals, make your vision a reality. Heck, you hear me say those things all the time. On Instagram you see people winning everyday. You see them losing weight, getting a promotion, getting the house of their dreams, building a crazy successful business, and more. 

But how do they find the time to do it? You work all day. You have a family to take care of. You have to chauffeur your kids all over the place.  You have to cook dinner, clean house, do the laundry, and the list goes on. So how is it that others have time to chase their dreams when it seems like you just run all day long?

I hear ladies all the time say they don’t have time to chase their dreams. No time to exercise. No time to build a business. They just don’t have the time. If you’re one of these ladies let’s get ready for a little tough love.

Let’s take a hard look at your schedule. Where can you fit in time to chase your dreams? Do you have a child that has an evening practice a few days a week? If so, what are you doing during that time? Could you be sending important emails or scheduling social media? What time do your kids get up? Could you get up 30 minutes earlier and squeeze in a workout? Is there a certain time of day that you catch yourself getting lost on social media? Could you be more intentional with that time? Here is one that hit home for me. What are you doing in the evenings? You know, the time after supper but, before you go to bed. For me, that’s the time I would sit on the couch and zone out watching Housewives. I would just sit and watch episode after episode until bedtime. Recently on a podcast I heard a woman discussing how she did the same thing but one night, she realized she was watching others reach their dreams instead of going after her own.  Talk about a truth bomb. I was taking the little extra time I had each day and spending it watching others reach their dreams instead of going after my own. 

People who are crushing their dreams are intentional with every moment of their day. Instead of just sitting and chatting at practice, zoning out on social media, or binge watching tv every night they are working on reaching their dreams. Now, I’m not saying that they never watch tv, visit with friends, or get on social media but, they are intentional about it. They schedule it and set a time limit. I know you want to just chill in the evening but, is it worth it? For me the question was, do I get a bigger benefit from sitting and watching tv in the evening or by spending that time chasing my dreams? I ultimately decided if I stay on the couch, I stay in the same place in life. Nothing changes. But if I get intentional about that time, I could not only change my life but, I could change my legacy. 

Each and everyone of us can find some free time in our schedule if we just examine our habits. Ask yourself how much your free time is worth to you? It makes me think of a Dave Ramsey quote. He says this speaking bout finances but, it could be about your time too. 


Get intentional about your time and go chase those dreams!