On Fire Life was created as a springboard for individuals with a burning desire for more in life. We show you how to find your true calling and how to live it out boldly everyday. 

We help you to have a harmonious life by balancing the 6 KEY AREAS of Faith, Relationships, Physical Health, Self, Finances, and Purpose

Hi, we are Brad and Bambi, the creators of On Fire Life and busy parents of four great kids. We spent most of our lives chasing the “American Dream”, working long hours to pay for an ever growing list of “needs”. No matter how much we achieved there was always a longing for more. Then a fire was ignited, and we realized that our focus had been misguided all along. Though we were working hard for our family our life was out of balance and we were missing out on our full purpose. Like many of you we are a work in progress. Not only is On Fire Life a set of tools for you, it is also a living diary of our On Fire Life journey. We look forward to hearing about your journey too!