Flame Stokers

Flame Stokers are purposeful activities that keep you on track to living an On Fire Life. These activities feed your spirit and give you the energy to continue even when times get tough. I will give you a list of Flame Stokers but, take time to think about what motivates YOU and feel free to add to this list. 


  1. Take time to enjoy life
  2. Set goals
  3. Love God and others
  4. Have grace with others
  5. Give your time, talents and treasures
  6. Serve God and others
  7. Practice self-control
  8. Strive daily to be the BEST YOU
  9. Dare to DREAM BIG
  10. Have determination
  11. Live boldly
  12. Be consistent

Now let’s look at the Flame Dampers that you need to be on guard of.

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