What is my Passion?

Discovering your passion takes some time in deep thought. This is not a quick 5 minute exercise. Your passion is a huge part of living an On Fire Life, so take it seriously. To do this you need to go to a quiet place away from devices and other distractions. You need to be able to truly focus uninterrupted. Taking a journal with you can be helpful to write down notes and ideas.

To get started say a prayer to your creator. Ask for guidance and wisdom. Ask for your heart and mind to be open to receive true spirit fed inspiration.

Now visualize the BEST version of yourself possible. To help with this think of a few great people like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., or Gandhi. They were selfless, put others first, and made a huge difference. Now visualize a version of yourself that would make a forever difference in the world.

If you were to make a forever difference what would you be doing? THAT is your passion!

Once you have a strong vision of the BEST YOU move on to the second P, Paradise.

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